Introduction: Window Mount a Brown Dog Solar Panel

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Omaha Maker Group participated in the Instructables March Build Night with Brown Dog Gadgets. The 5w Folding USB Solar Cell is very convenient and easy to use, but it doesn't stay flat easily. We decided to make a quick, easy, and non-destructive modification to allow attachment to a window.

Step 1: You Need What You Need

This is quick and simple. All you need is:

  • The 5W Ultra Compact Folding USB Solar Cell from Brown Dog Gadgets
  • Some suction cups (it was cheaper to find these suction cup hooks from Menard's than to try and find commercial suction cups)
  • Needle-nose Pliers (not shown)

Step 2: Let's Get Going!

First things first, we need to remove the Solar Panel from the package, open the panel, and remove the protective film from the panels. Just to be sure that the suction cups would work, we measured the grommets on the panel. The grommets were just under 3/8", which was just about perfect for the Small Suction Cups.

Step 3: Attach!

For the first part of this step, remove the formed wire hook from each suction cup. The cup should easily slip out of the hook without having to pry or open the wire. We won't use the hook, so do with it as you please.

The next step is to install the suction cups into the grommets on the panel. We found that using a pair of needle-nose pliers really helped make it easy to pinch the larger part of the suction cup and feed it into the hole. Continue this until there is a suction cup in each grommet.

NOTE: remember that the "cup" side of the suction cup needs to be on the same side as the solar panels, so that the panel can be installed on the inside of the window.

Step 4: Use It!

That's it! Now all you need to do is find a window with some sunlight, unfold the panel, and stick it to the inside of the window. Make sure you keep the panel as flat as possible. And you might need to add a little water to the cups to get a good stick.

The cups fit nicely in the panel, allowing it to still fold and snap shut as it was designed. This makes it easy to stash in a pack during travel.