Introduction: Wine Box Become RPi Boom Box

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I made a boom box by a wine box, and it's works well. I gave it to my girl friend as a gift. She is so happy that can not help crying... (LoL!)

just kidding...

It's my first DIY stuff, i made it for my girl is real...

Step 1: Find a Wooden Box

At the very beginning,I was trying to make a boom box by using a paper box, but one day I got a wine box from my father,so I decided to make it a wooden boom box.

Step 2: It's Sounds Good, But Lack of Something

You can see the paper box of my friends, it looks nice but sounds just a little bit stranger.....

Step 3: Find a Amplifier Like This.

I purchase it from taobao, you can buy it from amazon or ebay.

it's a small amplifier,it can be drivered on 5V, and it has left channel, right channel and GND, VCC pins, you can just soldering it with your speaker.

Step 4: Wire It Up

You can find the function description on the amplifier board, such as VCC,GND, L,R (means channel), and you can test it on your laptop.

Step 5: Use Wine Box Instead.

I just find out a wine box and i have drilled two big holes for speakers, and one small hole for the rotate resister on the Amplifier. and wire everything up.

and also,i find a raspberry Pi as music player, burned latest image to the TF card and boot it up, installed a software called "omxplayer" , download some music into my TF card. and write a shell scripts to play music.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get -y install omxplayer

sudo omxplayer -o local xxx.mp3

last command will turn on the music, just enjoy it and have fun.

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