Wine Glass Lamp Shade (Wedding Place Markers?)

Introduction: Wine Glass Lamp Shade (Wedding Place Markers?)

Experimenting with ideas for center pieces and name markers, my fiance and I came up with this simple little idea. It involves creating a lamp shade for a wine glass, and placing an LED tea light in the glass. The idea is still in research and testing, and we tried to include suggestions for areas of improvement. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Picking the Shade Material

After doing some internet research, we decided to try parchment paper for the shade. We bought it at the grocery store. Pros: It's a good looking, semi-transparent paper, that is slightly heat resistant if you plan to use a real candle. Cons: its non stick so glue and tape don't stick to it well. Since we are using LED lights, we will probably switch to a shade fabric, or a non coated paper.

Step 2: Mapping the Cut

To cut out the pattern for the lamp shade, we tried different approaches. We used different sized round objects, and then string fixed at one point and moving in a curved with a pencil at the end. The best method was the string.

Step 3: The Design

The basic lampshade design will look like this. It had two curves (one small, and one large). You can make the shade different lengths. I included the picture of scissors that cut design instead of straight.

Step 4: Roll It

After it is all cut out, roll it so that the ends connect.

Step 5: Fasten the Ends

We tried different types of glue and tape. The elmers held, but it looked rough. The super glue connected the ends smoothly and looked nice. However, any overlap in the ends slightly warps the bottom circle of the shade. The best method was tape connecting the ends without overlap.

Step 6: Slip It On

After the glue dries, slip a tea light in the wine glass, and slip the shade onto the wine glass.

Step 7: Adding Design or Words

It is possible to cut out words or designs from the parchment paper to display darker or lighter on the shade. Our reception will be held in low lighting, and we may use these to label the seats.

Step 8: Designs

In this one, we tried to create a silhouette of a couple kissing. The silhouette worked, but I tried elmer's glue again and it soaked into the paper design. Hence, you can see the glue on the pattern on the shade. Next time I will use a glue stick like we did with the lettering on the prior pictures.

Step 9: Framing

If you want, you can frame the shade with wire. Just wrap it around a circular object of the right size and glue it inside to maintain the shape.

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    For paper on a roll for low price, what about wrapping paper? It is usually crisp and you could get it in patterns. It would also be easier to write on and glue.

    To make it a bit fancier, you could use a paper punch to make cutouts in it.

    I don't know about place markers, it depends how many guests you have and if you use real candles or LEDs. But it would work well if you do table numbers. Put the wine glass up on a pedestal.

    If you're going to make a lot of them it might be worth making a marking 'jig'. Use some heavy cardstock or chipboard to make a pattern then draw around it.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. Very cheap and easy. You can apparently decorate the shades with different holiday designs and colors.