Wing Car

Introduction: Wing Car

When we Daksh and Adi were a testing a wing fixed on motor, we thought of designing an electric vehicle which had a fan on top to move it. LETs START with it.

Items needed:

1) A small bottle
2) solder iron and solder wire
3) Dry cells and wires
4) scale and paper balls
5) Motor and a fan wing.

Step 1: Take a Simple Short Bottle

Take this kind of plastic bottle and try to make three holes in it,as shown in the image. Two holes at one side and other one at the other side.
This idea was a kind of very very basic but it gives a slight glimpse of future generation car models.

Step 2: Take a Motor and Some Wires

Take a solder iron and solder the wires to the motor.
Take care while handling a solder iron

Step 3: Take a Scale or a Wooden Slit.

Firstly, put some paper balls inside the holed bottle and the add a scale on top of it or a wooden slit for the stability for the motor as shown in the image.

Step 4: The Last Setup.

Fit the motor in the single sided hole. You can fit it with some tape. The supporter would provide a base for the motor present. Fix the two wires of the motor to a dry cell. The two holes at the opposite side will provide movement to the body. At last fix a fan at the motor and the wing is ready to glide on road

The car formed is not as fast as you thought at first but it has logic in it.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a fun and interesting project. Keep up the good work!