Introduction: Get Rid of Disgusting Germs: Washing Hands the Right Way!

If you could view your world through a microscope, you most likely would choose to live in a bubble. Yes, Germs are everywhere! Cell phones, keyboards, and door knobs are full of these nasty creatures! Prevention is the key. How you ask? The answer is hand-washing..... The right way!!!!!

Supplies needed for proper hand washing are:

-Sink with running water (both hot and cold)
-Towels- unused and clean of course!
-20 seconds of your time

Step 1: Turn on Water and Adjust Temperature

Water temperature should be warm- not too cold and not too hot.

Step 2: Apply Soap to Wet Hands

Use enough soap to create a good lather.

Step 3: Create Lather

Rub soap vigorously enough to create a good lather. If you do not see a good lather within a few seconds, apply more soap to wet hands.

Step 4: Scrub for 20 Seconds

Make sure to scrub palms, back of hands, and between fingers. A good way to guage your time is to sing Happy Birthday or say the alphabet twice.

Step 5: Rinse Hands

Run water over your hands until all of the soap disappears. It is important to keep your fingertips pointing downward. Think about it: if you point them up, the clean water will run up your dirty arms..... then when you point them back down, the dirty water gets on your clean hands!

Step 6: Grab Towel

This step can be tricky! You must not tough the paper towel holder! There are many varieties in public restrooms. You may have to use your elbow or find another way to be creative. Remember, your hands are clean! Keep them that way!

Step 7: Dry Hands

Use towel to remove remaining water from your hands. Moisture can harbor bacteria so dry them as thoroughly as possible.

Step 8: Turn Off Faucet With Towel

Do not touch faucet with your clean hands! Do you want to start over after all of this hard work! The faucet is full of all of those germs!

Step 9: Open Door With Towel

Do not touch to door!!!!! Door knobs harbor bacteria! It is best, if possible, to get a dry towel to open the door. Note: some restrooms have air blowers and do not have towels. Get creative people! Use elbows, feet, or you behind to get the door open. I suppose you could also wait till someone else opens the door but that could take a while. Note to self: bring your own towels!

Step 10: Discard Towel in Trash Can

Sometimes a trash can is close to the bathroom door. If so, this task is easy. Once the door is open, drop the towel in the trash. If the trash can is on the opposite side of the restroom, I hope you have good aim to toss it in. Last resort, find another trash can! But...... do not touch it, your hands are clean!!!

Step 11: