Introduction: Wire Butterfly Necklace (or Earrings)

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Hello! Welcome to my instructable :)

The butterfly is often referred to as a symbol of life, hope, and change. During these troubled times, I believe that all of these things are very important. I've always like butterflies; they are so pretty and enchanting. That's why I decided to make some wire butterfly jewelry.

Care to join me?


  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Thin wire
  • Thick wire
  • Beads (teardrop, spherical, and other)
  • Earring hooks/necklace chain

Step 1: The Butterfly

To make the butterfly take a piece of wire and string on the teardrop bead and the spherical bead. Take the end of the wire protruding from the bottom of the butterfly's body and wrap it in a swirl to the butterfly's midsection. Then take the top end of the wire and form the antennae. After that take the remaining top wire and wrap it in a swirl around the spherical bead. With the remaining pieces of wire form the butterfly's wings (see pictures for reference). Cut off excess wire.

Step 2: The Frame

Cut a piece of the thicker wire and shape it into a circle/tear drop shape.

Step 3: The Accents

Cut a small piece of thin wire and form a loop on one end. String on accent beads. Once finished take the excess wire and wrap it around the beads in a swirl. Repeat this until you have the desired number of accent strands.

Step 4: String Beads

Now take some white beads and string them and the accent strands on the loop of thick wire.

Step 5: Close Wire Loop

Take the top ends of the thick wire and twist them into a loop.

Step 6: Add Butterfly

Use a small piece of thin wire to add and secure the butterfly.

Step 7: Necklace or Earrings?

For a necklace just add a jump ring and chain.

If you want earrings repeat the whole process so you have two butterfly pendants. Once you have your two pendants add earring hooks.

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