Wireless Switch for Toys

Introduction: Wireless Switch for Toys

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Every child has the right to play as it is a way to not only entertain themselves but also learn and expand their imagination and creativity. Even special needs children have the right to play but commercially available toys are unable to cater to their conditions. This wireless switch is meant to help them play with such toys.

The wireless switch is also a low cost solution to modify commercially available toys to suit children with special needs especially those with limited mobility. It also uses affordable materials and a maker can also opt to recycle/reuse an existing and functioning RF receiver and keychain remote (similar to those used to open garage doors or gates).

This Instructable will mainly focus on the building of the RF receiver. The receiver connects to the toy using a mono headphone jack.


  • Velcro straps - length is dependent on the toy's size
  • Small food container - this will serve as the housing for the RF receiver and it should be able to fit a 5.5cm (L) x 3.2cm (W) 435 MHz wireless receiver
  • 435 MHz RF receiver and keychain remote
  • Two (2) CR2032 lithium batteries
  • Two (2) Button Coin Cell Battery Holder Case Boxes - they should be able to fit CR2032 lithium batteries
  • One (1) mono headphone jack and wire - this will be plugged to the toy to make it function
  • One (1) glue gun - to keep the wires from the battery holder case boxes in place inside the container

Step 1: Drill Holes Into the Food Container for the Wiring and Velcro Straps

Before drilling, identify where the wires will pass through and the length of the velcro straps.

Step 2: Insert the Receiver in the Container and Connect It to the Battery Case Wires

Once you have connected the wires, you can also use the glue gun to keep them in place inside the container and prevent them from being dislodged.

Step 3: Insert the Velcro Strap to the Container Prior to Covering It

Step 4: Plug in the Headphone Jack to the Toy and Strap the Receiver Using the Velcro Straps

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