Introduction: Wiring Hack: Female Terminal As Splice Point Joiner

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You ran out of splice connector or joiner? Don't worry! I've got a tip for you.....

Step 1: Situation

One day, in our workshop, I was told to install a roof light bar to a 2014 Hilux. I am in the middle of the job when I found out that I don't have splice joint connector that I can use to connect the wires for the rotating lamp on the light bar. So I have decided to look for alternative to get the job done. The only option in that moment was to use the female terminal as the splice joiner. It was perfect because it has two wings where I can insert the splice wires then solder. In this Instructable, I show you how I did it.

Step 2: The Female Connector Terminal

The Female Connector Terminal can accommodate 3 connections. Depending on your needs, you can use all of it. In this "ible" , we only need two splice to be connected together so I decided to to cut the main joining side and use the two wings instead.

Step 3: The Splice

Cut the insulation on each wire to expose the wires inside. Insert the exposed wires into the holes of each wings. Crimp the terminal then solder the joint to have a good connection.

NOTE: Be sure to insert the shrinkable tube before inserting the wire and soldering.

Step 4: Shrinkable Tube

Position the shrinkable tube that is enough to cover the splice joint. Use the blower gun to heat up the tube to shrink until a desired a covering is achieved.

Step 5: Complete the Circuit

Install the rest of the circuit to complete and test it.

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