Witch 3

Introduction: Witch 3

This is our 3rd witch made for our front porch.


Head alone was bought at Halloween city for 4.95
Old wig
Old witch dress/ rags
Body form w no legs I scored at goodwill for a 1.99
And used citronella candles to use as a stake

(It took me a total of 23 minutes to build and it cost me a total of 9 dollars)

Step 1: Head

The head was a single bald head I tore the creepy rag it had originally and hot glued parts of a red old wig.

Step 2: Body

Attach the body form to the 2 wire hangers to make hands like form all attached to the body form then attach the used citronella candle sticks, (I used 3) duct tape everything together, now throw on the old black dress or rags , I used an old rag to make the shall cape she's wearing , the whole dressed is pinned back to look longer , I added styrofoam to her hands at the very end because I was going to get her gloves but decided to use the same hanged to reinforce her from the tree I placed her next too

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    7 years ago

    Espectacular hiciste un trabajo perfecto