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Introduction: Witch House- 3D Pen

Making a Witch house, for Halloween decoration with only one tool! :D

For this project I'm using the 3DSimo mini 2, a super versatile tool. It's a tool made for foam cutting, 3D drawing,soldering and burning.

You can find more info about this tool in the video description, on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSRJEpYFML

I'm also using Styrofoam balls, adhesive tape, PLA filaments, the marble and metallic filaments from 3Dsimo

Step 1: Making the Base and the House Structure

Making the base with PLA filament

Creating the structure of the house with 2 Styrofoam balls with different sizes. With the foam cutter it takes no time to get it ready... super easy! To make it hollow I kept the 2 parts separated

Covering the Styrofoam parts with adhesive tape prevents the heat of the filament from melting and deforming it, and it can be used again in future projects

Step 2: Assembling the House

The Styrofoam shapes work as a mold.

After covering them with the desired filament colors the different parts are removed and attached with PLA filament to create the hollow house.

Time to attach the house to the base and start decorating it!

Step 3: Adding Decorations

Giving a spooky look to the house with a spider web drawing on the roof and some roots for a more organic aspect.

The door, the gate and the fences for the garden were made in black for a more dramatic look

the stones of the patio and the pillars of the gate were made with the marble filament. I really like the look of it! :D

Step 4: Adding a Few More Details

I made The 2 lanterns for the front of the house with yellow transparent filament (PLA) and the super fancy chic broom with gold and bronze filament! hihi!! :D

To finish it I made a welcome board with a piece of wood and the burning nib of the 3Dsimo pen. With the black filament I made a frame to keep it in place.

I could spend hours around this project keeping adding more and more details!...

Also It would look great with some working lights inside the house...

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    2 years ago

    Nice project- I really like the way the spider web came out on the roof! I just used a 3D Pen to make a Pac-Man Ghost. I made an Instructable page for it, so check it out if you are interested.