With These 5 Steps You Can Find Your Service for Essay Writing

Introduction: With These 5 Steps You Can Find Your Service for Essay Writing

When students do make the decision to hire an essay writing service, the first thing they do is go on the Internet to do some research. They usually think it’s just a matter of finding one and going with them. Then they see hundreds of websites and are bombarded with all of the information facing them. Now, where do they go from here? These 5 steps can help lead them to make an educated decision on which essay writing services to hire for this very important assignment. Find your service following these steps!

Step 1: Check Out the Reviews

There are several companies, independent of the writing service companies, which list the top companies in the industry. They do their own reviews by using the companies’ services and add that to the reviews from students. Look at several of these websites, and see if the same companies keep popping up at the top of the lists. Those are the ones to research further.

Step 2: Visit the Websites

Their websites need to be clear, concise, and user-friendly. There should be the history of the company, guarantees, mission statement, pricing, terms and conditions, and disclaimer information offered. The home page should have some information about the company, order form, and customer support contacts. The website needs to be easy to navigate to find all the information the customers may require

Step 3: Compare the Prices

Some prices may seem too high, and some are really low so they should be compared with other companies. A lot of companies offer several add-ons that are free so take those into consideration. The prices are usually dependent on the number of pages, academic level, and the timetable. Some will offer three different levels, charge by the word, or the level of the writer. Most of these writing services will offer discounts, at least for the first order. Some will also offer a loyalty program for additional discounts.

Step 4: Writers

The writers have to be proficient in English in order to write a paper that’ll get a higher grade. The best writers have either masters or a Ph.D. and be experienced with writing in their field. They need to be professional, detailed, and able to write original papers of high-quality. They should also be experienced in research and citations. The company should allow the clients to see the writers’ portfolios and samples of their work. The student should always be able to choose their writer and have access to them during the writing process. They need to offer revisions at no cost.

Step 5: Customer Support

Most companies say they offer this service 24/7, but their only means of contact is email. Make sure they also have live chat, messaging, and a phone. It pays to call the company and ask a few questions to get an impression of how they deal with clients. They need to be knowledgeable about all phases of the company and able to answer questions. It’s best if they are friendly, courteous, and helpful.

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