Clay Wolf Charms(Okami/Link)

Introduction: Clay Wolf Charms(Okami/Link)

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This is a tutorial on how to make an Amaterasu or Wolf Link charm, but the general steps can be used to make any wolf or dog. I am mainly going over Ammy, because i believe she is easier to complete - she has less details, thus is simpler to create for your first charm.

Although i am basing this intractable on Amaterasu, i will go over the variations you would need to make to create Wolf Link instead. I hope you enjoy!

Please note: the images I used as reference are not mine, and credit goes to the appropriate people.(only one each are from Capcom/Nintendo)

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you should have these materials:

  • a knife tool or toothpick
  • an oven
  • foil
  • Reference Images / Your imagination
  • Eye pins
  • pencil for sizing(helpful)


  1. White clay
  2. Black clay
  3. Red clay


  1. Dark Brown clay
  2. Tan/White clay(tan is preferred)
  3. Black clay
  4. Blue clay

Step 2: Creating the Body

So the first part of this charm is the body. To do that, cut off or tear a piece of white clay, about the size of the inner ring in a bottle cap. roll it into a ball and flatten it out.

Next, shape the sides into the curves of a wolf muzzle and neck. It's okay to fold clay over- you will turn it over when you're done shaping. Once you flip it over, you can continue pressing in the edges until it has the desired shape- just don't fold any clay over onto the good side!

For Wolf Link's 'hair', take a ball of clay slightly smaller than the body size. Shape it into a rounded triangle and pull some of it out on one side to give you a place to attach it. Place the neck over the clay and smear it in on both sides - it doesn't have to be pretty at this point. (Sorry for not taking any pictures of the process of the hair :P)

Step 3: Adding the Ears

Roll a ball of the base color about the size of the nose(outlined in picture 1). Flatten it into a rounded triangle and fold the bottom points on top of each other. This is the basic shape of the ear. Now, looking at it from the top, open it up slightly to look like a deer's ear. Finally, simply cut off some of the bottom half of the clay at an angle to attach on the head. Once you have the placement you desire - the ears don't have to be perked up - smooth them into place. If it looks messy, don't worry. We'll cover it up later.

Now would be the appropriate time to add Wolf Link's tan markings. Roll out a ball the diameter of a dime, and flatten it out to an oval-like shape. Gently place it over the muzzle/neck area and trace out the shapes.(For the squiggles going up to the ear, cut out a straight line; curve it as you place it.)

Step 4: Details

Take a tiny ball of clay, about the size of an eraser but slightly smaller, and roll it into a ball. Flatten it into a long oval shape and curve it slightly. Place it underneath the ear and at the end of the 'jawbone'. Smear it in on ONE SIDE - leave one side un-smeared to give the appearance of cheek fur!

Now, take a knife tool - or something like the purple tool i have pictured - and, from the neck up, start 'drawing' lines in the fur to give the appearance of - well, fur. Make sure you scratch over the places where you joined two pieces together to cover up the smears.

Now for the nose. Take a piece of black clay about the size of 1/4 an eraser and roll it into a ball. shape it into a triangle/half circle kind of thing. Don't make it too pointed or too round, though. When you have the nose shape, press it onto the snout.(Don't press too hard - just give it enough pressure to stay.)

Before you go to the next step, don't forget to make a mouth! Use the knife tool to make an indent for it.

Step 5: Markings

Roll a piece of red clay about the size of an eraser into a snake. Lay it on the head, curving as you go. when you get to the nose, cut of the excess, but keep it - we're not done with it yet.

Now, take a piece of black clay about 1/4 the eraser and shape it into a flat football. Set that piece aside and roll a section of the red snake into a thinner snake, cut it off, and cut it in half. Place one of the thin snakes over the eye and curve it downwards. This will be the top of the set of eye markings. Then, if your eye is too round or big, cut it in half. Or just 1/3. In reality it doesn't matter too much - i just preferred a flatter eye. Now put the bottom snake on. Finally, before you press it onto the head, cut some of the snakes off if they are too long.

For Wolf Link's eyes, take a piece of blue clay 1/2 an eraser and a piece of black 1/4 an eraser. shape the blue into a flat oval and the black into a circle. press the black on top of the blue, and - if the eye is too big - shape it some by cutting off parts of it. For his facial mark, roll a piece of tan/white clay the size of an eraser into a snake. Personally, I found it easier to shape it before putting it on his head, but do whichever suits you best.

Step 6: Touch-Ups and Eye Pins

Before you bake the charm, run over the face with some lines from the knife tool to show more fur and cover up the smudge marks from attaching pieces. REMEMBER, DON'T scratch completely over the cheek fur piece!

Then, insert an eye pin into the desired location on the head - if the head is too thin, set the pin on the back and press a layer of clay over it. Nobody ever has to see the back, so it doesn't have to be pretty.

Once you are happy with your charm, bake it for however long the packaging says. Remember to keep the eye pin in while baking! When it has finished baking, take the pin out, put some superglue or another type in the hole and re-insert the pin. The glue helps keep it from falling out when you wear it.

If you liked it, please vote or leave a comment. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them for you!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing how you made these. They are really cool!