Introduction: Wonton Torch

Celebrate the Olympic by serving stuffed wonton torches :)

For the mold:
Parchment Paper

Aluminum Foil

Staple (optional)


Wonton wrap (or eggroll wrap cut into 4 smaller squares)

Some water as glue

Vegetable oil for deep frying

Step 1: Make the Mold

Cut parchments paper into 4in squares and foil into 5in squares

Face the square parchment into a diamond shape and roll from one corner inward then roll the other corner over into a cone shape.

Even up the opening of the cone with a scissor

While holding the overlaps, wrap the paper with foil and fold the top flap into the hole

Repeat and make plenty (about 8 should be fine)

Step 2: Wrap and Fry

Wrap the cone with wonton

*Use water as glue, make sure its sealed tight so it doesn't come apart during the frying process

Fry on 325-350F and turn occasionally for an even golden color

Remove and let cool on a rack

After it cools, remove the foil and make more :)

Step 3: Fill Them Up and Serve

I had ones with chicken salad ( and the other with cheesecake filling ( :)

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