Wood Accents Clothes Hanger

Introduction: Wood Accents Clothes Hanger

I wanted good looking clothes hangers that were interesting and functional. I had extra kindling, and realized that some of them had nice looking bark. This would make a hangar with a subtle outdoors aesthetic.

Step 1: Materials

I used leftover kindling, as it was perfect in size and with the desired bark/natural look. For the hangar bit you could use anything, I had some spare copper wiring lying around. I just guessed the right size, but you need to cut the two top pieces out so they fit flush to form a triangle. Looking at the pictures, you can see the angles required to properly fit the pieces. This is pretty intuitive, and I did not spend time worrying about it too much.

Step 2: Build the Frame

After sanding/sawing the pieces to the right shape to make a hangar shaped triangle, secure them together using wood glue and or nails. Keep the decorative bark/wood facing outwards.

Step 3: Hanging

Drill a hole in the top to secure the wire section. Bend the desired hook, and bend once through the hole. There you go! You’re done! Maybe sand a spot or two, but your wood bark accented clothes hangers are completed for use.

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    3 years ago

    nice simple build it looks decorative but its not that practical, a clothes hangers wants to be smooth so it doesn't snag the inside of your clothes and it wants to be clean so it doesn't deposit crud inside your jacket a rough bark finnish isn't really that good for either of those