Wood Backpack

Introduction: Wood Backpack

Harness the beauty and structure of wood to make a backpack!

This is a simple yet elegant backpack, which you could just attach to any existing pack if you're not so inclined to sew a custom bag.

Step 1: Cut Pieces

Wood panels are the best. I used leftover cedar scraps at ~1/16 inch thick. They were only 3.5" wide so I glued three together for the top piece of the bag. The tongue and groove was not strong enough with glue, so I glued on additional backing for strength.

Once glued, cut

Step 2: Sew Backpack

you can skip this step if you're adding to an existing backpack/bag

Step 3: Finish Pieces

OIL, OIL, Oil. let that wood soak up mineral oil!

Covering with beeswax is optional. I like it because it adds a nice coat to it that helps bring out color.

Step 4: Attach Wood Panels

This is the tricky bit. It can be done in a few ways.

Simple: Glue the panels on! take a strong glue and fit the fabric nice and flush. Glue, wait, and you're ready to go!

Hard: If you're making a custom backpack, you can wedge fabric between the panels and scrap pieces on the backside. this will be stronger and look a bit better.

Step 5: Show Off!

You're done! Show of that classy backpack.

One major advantage is you can throw out my geometric design and do anything you want! Just remember to pick some nice pieces of wood (hopefully scrap/reclaimed) and memorialize those trees well!

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