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Transforming your old bathroom does not have to be expensive (unless there is a structural problem.)

The bathroom still looked OK but it needed some TLC. The one thing that I needed to get done is have the bathtub refinished. Once that was complete, the bathroom looked 100% better.

The grey tiles throughout the bathroom were fairly timeless in style and still in good shape so it made sense to keep them. The floor tiles, which were brown and white were still OK too but they seemed strangely out of place. If I wanted to keep the reno inexpensive, it made sense to introduce more of the brown and continue to work with the grey.

The first thing I did is paint the walls a similar shade of brown that the floor tiles were. That made a big difference and the bathroom was starting to look pretty good. Now, if I introduced some sense of style, the whole room would POP...

I decided to paint the vanity and all the other pieces in the room in a silvery grey. I added a pill cabinet on the other wall for additional storage and I made a door for it. I then painted it silvery grey. A kitty litter box was in the bathroom (which we all know is a total eye sore) so I decided to enclose it in a cabinet with one side removed and painted it silvery grey. The mirror and all the other accents in the room got painted (you guessed it - silvery grey) and then I bought an inexpensive new light fixture which I painted SILVERY GREY.

The bathroom now looked unified and fairly interesting but it still needed something....

I went window shopping to look for something in browns and I found that wooded carvings, placed on the doors and walls would make perfect accents and bring the whole thing together.

And there you have it. A complete bathroom makeover without breaking a sweat...

Step 1:

Step 2: