Wood Stick "Canvas"

Introduction: Wood Stick "Canvas"

Wood stick (Popsicle sticks) "Canvas"

One hour build




Step 1: Supplies

Wood sticks
Clips (optional)

Step 2:

There's no "wrong" way to work with wood sticks. Be patient as the glue dries and be patient with yourself.

As you lay each stick, consider how it adds to the structural integrity of the canvas. Your canvas should be able to hang from the wall without any issues. More sticks never hurt!

Once your canvas is ready, you are free to paint. Personally, I am a fan of doing a 50/50 mix of acrylic paint and glue. It gives a nice shine and adds to the structural integrity of the canvas.

Step 3: Advanced Projects

After making your first canvas, move on to more advanced projects! Use your imagination as building with wood sticks is cheap, easy and fun!

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