Introduction: Wood-resin Door-stopper Wedge

1. this is my first time making a tutorial

2. and sorry for my bad English

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1. Resin liquid or Epoxy resin and the catalyst

2. Thin Woodblock

3. Natural Clay

4. Resin Dye


1. Pen

2. Rotary tools

3. Scroll saw

4. Hack saw

5. Sandpapers (dry and wet)

Step 2:

1. prepare the thin wood board

2. draw the shape with pen on the board

3. then cut it with scroll saw (machine)

Step 3:

1. prepare the natural clay

2. shape the clay to make the molding

3. the prepare the resin

4. pour the epoxy resin liquid

5. then add the dye

6. stir and mix until all the dye until evenly

7. add the catalyst and mix them well

8. pour the resin inside the clay

9. put wooden block on the liquid resin

10. wait until the epoxy resin dries

Step 4:

1. okay now the resin dries

2. separate the resin and the clay

3. then cut the unwanted part with hack saw, it need to be cut because the clay do not form perfectly

4. after that you should sanding with the dry sandpaper then wet sandpaper for a better result

5. also you can use the sandpaper on rotary tools

Step 5:

1. tadaaaaa! now the wood-resin door-stopper wedge is done

2. and it worked

3.thank you for looking this tutorial , sorry if my tutorial still not good enough