Wooden Belt Buckle




Introduction: Wooden Belt Buckle

In this instructable I will show you how I made a belt buckle at virtually no cost.

You will need:
Firewood (branch)
Sand paper (80, 120, 240, 380, and 600 grit)
Linseed oil
Tung oil
Wire coat hanger
Wire cutter
2.0 mm drill bit
Power drill
Super glue

The style shown in this instructable is the "natural" style. Stay tuned for the "clean cut" style that should be up in the next two weeks.

REMEMBER: Practice proper safety!

Step 1: Pick It

Pick whatever piece of wood you want but I suggest something that is ~2.5 in wide. I ended up using an almond branch.

Step 2: Cut It

Simply use your saw to cut a few disks of the wood, make it whatever width you prefer.

Step 3: Sand It

Sand the show side progressing from 80 grit, to 120, to 240, to 380, and finally 600 to make it nice and smooth. (I forget the exact numbers of the sand paper but it's something along those lines)

Step 4: Oil It

Get a dab of linseed oil or two on your finger and rub it into the surface of the buckle, let it soak in. Then finish with tung oil.

Step 5: Buckle It

This step is a little hard to explain but I will try my best. On the back side of the buckle you want to make a dot on the middle of the side as shown. Then two dots ~ 1.25 in apart on the other side. Once you complete this drill 2.0 mm holes on each dot. Cut a length of coat hanger wire and place it in the single hole. Estimate how far you want it to stick out and cut. Get another length and this time when you estimate how far you want the loop to be out bend the point you mark at a 90 degree angle. Place what you have back into the hole and put another length of wire into the hole to see where the bend is necessary and bend there. Cut so that it fits in both holes. Since these measurements are estimated you will likely need to make some odd bends so that it will fit. Now put a dab of super glue over the holes and reinsert the wire. Let it sit over night.

Step 6: Feedback

This is my first time working with wood so if you have any tips please post them in the comments.

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    6 years ago

    definitely going to do this


    6 years ago on Introduction

    That is awesome. Repurposing a hanger makes a lot of sense, and the final piece is a perfect complement for a beard and flannel. Looking forward to the clean version.