Introduction: Wooden Box for Objects Like Expo Markers

If you're looking to design a box for any type of objects you have come to the correct place!


-Laser cutter

-Computer with vector programs



-Paint of choice

-Wood glue

-Magnets (of own choice)

Step 1: Creating Your Idea

You might have an idea of what to make but you probably should sit down and in a piece of paper write down some ideas you have and the design you want your box to have and the measurements.

Step 2: Designing Your Box

Step number two is one of the most important steps of all. using the programs we are using you have to make sure your box connects together and is to scale and to the correct measurements and this is also the time to design it the way you want it. You may use I had also used Gravit designer.

Step 3: Download

Downloading ai into your computer will make laser cutting so much easier. when you are done designing you will download it into a .svg and then convert it into a .ai file afterward so it makes laser cutting easier.

Step 4: Wood

Now it is time to take your own wood to the laser cutter and making sure it is big enough for your box.

Step 5: Using the Laser Cutter

Now make sure you are following all safety precautions when using this tool. follow all the steps above and it will make your life easier.

Step 6: Gluing

Your boxes have already come out of the laser cutter and now you get to put them together make sure to have some wood glue to glue them together and once they're glued together you could put take to keep them together overnight. (preferably)

Step 7: Sanding

Once your boxes are all glued together you can now sand your boxes so they're smooth for the next step.

Step 8: Painting

Now that your box is smooth you can now paint or spray paint your box (choice of yours). You can get as creative as you would like to and go all out on different patterns.

Step 9: Final Product

Now that your box is dried and almost finished you can now add magnets to the back of the box (choice of yours). You are now done and can use it for many things.