Introduction: Wooden Crates for School

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This is my first instructable. I am writing it in hopes of using it as a lesson plan. So please let me know if any of my instructions are not clear.

We will be building wooden crates to store school notebooks and text books in.

Tools you will need include:

Skill saw if you are going to cut the wood (this intractable assumes you will use precut wood)

Drill and pilot bit



tape measure


Nails: 24-11/2 inch and 16 1inch

wood cut to size:


2 - 12 inches long

2 - 13 1/2 inches long

4 - 6 inches long


4 - 12 inches long

2 - 13 1/2 inches long

Step 1: Marking Where to Drill and Drilling the First Pilot Holes

The first step will be to mark where to drill.

Lay the 13 1/2 inch board side by side and using a 12 in board draw a line along the edge of all four boards (2 - 4 inches wide and 2 - 2 inches wide.) The line you draw should be the width of the 12 inch board or about 3/4 of an inch.

Laying the 13 1/2 inch board hanging off the edge of a table drill 2 holes in each end between the line you drew and the edge of the board. Each board should have 4 holes two on each end.

Step 2: Nailing Together to Make 2 Squares for the Top and Bottom of the Crate

Stand the 1 1/2 inch nails up in each of the holes you made in the 13 1/2 inch boards. You should have 4 boards with 4 nails in each.

Stand up the 12 inch boards that are 4 inches wide. Lay the 13 1/2 inch board across them so that the 12 inch board line up with the marks you made on the 13 1/2 inboard. This should look like a box without one end. (ask a friend to help you line up the boards and hold them while you nail) Nail the boards together.

Turn over the partial box so that the board you just nailed in on the bottom.

Line up the other 13 1/2 inch board with this side of the 12 inch boards.

(note: you may have to force the boards into place if you didn't have them straight on the last step.)

Nail the boards together so that you now have one square.

Repeat the above steps with the 2 inch boards.

You should now have two squares

(Note: the 4 inch wide square will the the bottom and the 2 inch wide square will be the top)

Step 3: Marking the 6 Inch Boards and Drilling

Lay the 6 inch boards next to one another and lay a 4 inch wide board on top perpendicular to the 6 inch boards.

Mark a line next to the 4 inch wide board.

Leaving the 6 inch boards together move the 4 inch wide board and lay a 2 inch wide board on the other edge perpendicular again. Mark the line where this board is.

On each end drill 2 pilot holes. (be sure you are on the edge of a table)

Step 4: Attaching the Top to the Bottom

Place 1 inch nails in each of the holes in the 6 inch boards

Stand up the 4 inch wide square so the it is standing on one of the sides with a 12 inch board.

Place two of the 6 inch pieces in each corner lining them up with the edges. (use the marks to made for drilling to insure proper spacing)

Nail these into place.

Turn over the square and repeat on the other side.

Now you will attach the 2 inch square in the same manner. You may need to make adjustments if your 6 inch boards are not straight however you will simply line them up in the corners of the 2 inch square and nail in place.

You should now have a square that is 6 inches deep.

Step 5: Marking Where the Bottom Will Go

Lay the square down with the 4inch boards on bottom.

Lay a piece of 4 inch by 12 in beside the 13 1/2 inch side. Mark along the top of this piece. Repeat on the other side so that both of the 13 1/2 in sides are marked.

Measure the 13 1/2 inch side to beside it is correct.

Divide 13 12 by 2 and mark the mid point of the box below the line you just made.

Measure out one inch on each side of the midpoint. This will be the gap in the middle of the bottom of your box. The gap should be 2 inches wide.

Lay the 4 inch wide board next to your marks and mark the width of each board. You will drill your holes between the two marks you just made one each side.

(note you should have four places ready to drill holes in)

Step 6: Finishing Up the Box

Drill two holes in each section that you marked off in the previous step.

Put 1 1/2 inch nails in each of the holes on one side.

Line up the 12 inch boards with the marks you have made..

You will need to make sure you are lining up both sides so that you do not nail it together crooked.

If you have trouble getting your boards in place try twisting them and lightly hammering into place.

Once the boards are in place nail them together on both sides.