Introduction: Wooden Dagger How To

So, there is a person on Instructables under the name Frostbourne.

The person behind that profile has challenged me to a build-off to make a wooden dagger.

I have accepted the challenge and made my dagger.

Linked above is Frostbournes dagger.

In this Instructable I will show my method of making a wooden dagger, I will link Frostbournes dagger to this 'ible so you can see what I was up against!

Anyways, for this you will need the following:

  1. Wood saw, preferably sharp...
  2. Stanley knife (or exact-o-knife)
  3. A range of files from rasp to fine.
  4. A clamp/vice and a workbench.
  5. Some sandpaper, it needs to be very fine.
  6. Last but not least you will need a straight piece of wood about as long as your arm and about 1" thick.
  7. At least one whole through the instructions so you know what to expect.

Lets move on to step one!

Step 1: Finding the Right Branch.

This can be a little daunting at first but trust me, it is easy!

You need to find a small branch about 1" thick and it needs to have a straight section about as long as your forearm, cut this off of the tree and then finish it off so there are no rough edges left on it.

Also in this step you will need to make a mark for the handle like shown in 7th and 8th photos respectively.

Once you have cut your mark you need to debark the piece, use the Stanley knife for this part.

Step 2: The Blade.

It is time to make the blade of the knife.

To do this you will need to clamp the handle end of the knife to the bench like shown.

Now get one of the thicker files you have and lay it on the wood like the second photo shows, use a pencil/pen to mark either side of the file keeping the lines straight.

This will be the blade, now you need to cut along both lines down to the handle mark we made earlier.

After you have done that, cut at a 90* angle and snap off the two outer tabs leaving the middle tab like the 6th photo shows.

This tab will be the blade of your knife so lets move on to the next step!

Step 3: Making the Blade Look Like a Blade.

Now it is time to get the basic shape of a blade etched into the blade of the knife

At this stage you will leave the blade rectangular and just sharpen the top and bottom edges.

Use the files in order, rasp first and then the smaller ones after, you want the blade to be straight as possible.

Once you have sharpened the blade it is time to make this thing look like a dagger!

Step 4: Make It Dagger Style!

Time to get this branch to finally look like a dagger.

To finish of the blade you will have to draw a long triangle at the top of the blade, this will be the point.

Using the Stanley knife you will have to cut along these lines through the full width of the blade making a point.

Once you have your point carved out you can go back through the line of files taking off what is needed to make the blade sharp again.

Once it is fully sharpened, go across it again with the finest sandpaper you have to remove as many burrs as possible.

Thanks for reading, please comment and let us know who's 'ible you liked best!

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