Introduction: Wooden Fairy Garden Mushroom

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Hey, this is my first Instructable! Would you look at that. So this year I started making a fairy garden in my spare time, and I thought some mushroom stools would be really cute!

Step 1: Materials

You are going to need a knob of some sort. A drawer handle works well, but i have some smaller ones on hand.

In addition you will need:

-glue or hot glue

-paint. the colours depend on the type of mushroom you want to make. i used cream, red, and white.

-a toothpick

Step 2:

I recommend painting the top of the mushroom first, that way if it drips it will be covered over in the other colour paint.

If there is a hole that is in the top of the knob like mine; you'll need to cover it. you can put tape over it, fill it with clay, or use hot glue to fill it in to make it flush with the top. Then you can paint the top!

(depending on the colour of the knob and paint you may need a couple coats.)

Step 3:

Now that you have the top painted, make sure it is completely dry before painting the bottom.

Lots of mushrooms have a slight vein-y or stripey texture. I made it kind of that way by painting downward, and letting it half dry. Then water down some brown paint, and put it very lightly on top of the half dry paint.

Once that dries, add some spots or other details if desired.

Step 4: (optional)

This step is only if you want to put the mushroom outside.

I recommend putting a coat of varnish or mod podge over the mushroom, even if you use it inside. That way the paint doesn't get scratched or damaged; and if it is outside it wont wash off.

-If your knob has a hole in the bottom:

Put some hot glue (or any other glue) in the hole, and put the toothpick in it.

-If you knob does not have a hole in the bottom:

Cut or snap the toothpick in half, and glue to the bottom.

(This is simply to insure that The mushroom wont get lost when outside, and will hold it in the ground.)

Step 5: You're Done!

This was a pretty basic tutorial, but I really liked how mine turned out so I decided to share it, and I hope you enjoyed!

If you did this or something similar, I would love to see your own ideas and kinds of mushrooms. Let me know how it went, and happy crafting.