Wooden Garden Light

Introduction: Wooden Garden Light

In this instructable I will show you how I made this Wooden Garden Light, which will give a luxurious feel in your garden.


You will need:

  • Wooden beam (95x95mm, length to your liking, I had 250mm) - preferrably teak / durable wood.
  • deck lights 12v (or different one, to your liking)
  • YMVK - groundcable, length depending on your garden / placement.
  • 2x stud screw M8x120mm
  • beam cover 96x96mm galvanized
  • screws for mounting the beam cover
  • 2x plug 10mm


  • wood drill 10mm x 460mm (Warning: adjust to the length of the light)
  • wood drill 30mm
  • stone / concrete drill 10mm
  • saw

Step 1: Drawing

First make a design of your light. I made a sketch and it's attached. Than cut it out and use this as template to draw to line for sawing (length / "mouth").

Step 2: Woodworks

Than saw the beam to length and saw the mouth.
Than, start drilling:

  • drill the 30mm hole for the deck light
  • drill the 10mm hole to the corner of the beam (see drawing)
  • drill over the length the hole for the wire of the light

Make sure the 10mm holes are connected, you can use a LED torch to see "through" the 30mm hole to the 10mm hole.

For mounting the lights to the pavement / other:

  • drill two holes 8mm+ (note the distance, for mounting the stud ends in the pavement / other)

Step 3: Assembling

If you made sure the 10mm cable holes are connected, feed a lenyard through, from the bottom to the 30mm hole.

Connect the lenyard to the wire of the decklight (cut of the connector first), feed the wire through (difficult!) and push in the desk light in the 30mm hole.

Put the cover on to the beam and put the screws in

Connect the wires of the desk lights to the YMVK ground cable (with correct ground joint, to your liking).

Step 4: Mounting Light

Now it's time to drill a 10mm hole in the pavement / other, where you want the light to be (two, at the correct distance of each other). Put in the plug and screw in the stud end with the big thread.

Now you can slide the wooden light on the two stud ends, this needs some reenforcement, or make the holes in the wood something bigger.

Connect the YMVK ground cable to the 12V DC power supply, only by a skilled person or local electrician.

And there is light in your garden!

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