Wooden Holes Ball Game ( 2 in 1 )

Introduction: Wooden Holes Ball Game ( 2 in 1 )

We had made a wooden arcade game that have more than one ways to play. We made the structure multifunction that not only you can play the game, you could take pictures with it, store things inside, and also can work inside.

Step 1: Planning

  1. Draw the design on the paper to scale
  2. Draw the outline of the game
  3. Mark the positions of the holes
  4. Decide the height ,length,width of the product

Step 2: Materials

You'll need :

~ wood
~ screws

~ balls which are smaller than your hole

~ spray paint and paint

~paint brushes

~ hot glue gun and glue sticks
~ ruler and measuring tape

~ pencils

~ plastic cups for drawing the circle

~ wood cutter

Step 3: Measure and Cut

  1. Measure the wood according to the length and width that you decide
  2. Cut the wood out
  3. Start drawing the holes
  4. Cut out the holes

Step 4: Painting / Spray Painting

  1. Start painting and spray painting the wood with the colours that we wanted
  2. Decorate it

Step 5: Assemble

  1. Start assembling all the parts together
  2. Make sure everything is in the right position and is sturdy

Step 6: Testing

  1. Test the product out by playing the game and find ways to improve it.
  2. Make adjustments if have

Step 7: Finishing Touches

  1. Add some more decorations to our game (For example: Fairy lights and glitter)

Step 8: Instructions on How to Play the Game

  1. Think of the instructions on how to play our game
  2. Write it down on a poster

Step 9: Special Thanks

~The staff of MakerBay
~Teachers that helped us during this project
~To students that participate in this project (Candice Poon, Cherrie Lee, Giselle Leung, Tanya Tam and Zoe Mak)

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    3 years ago

    Handmade games are the best! Well done on your project : )