Introduction: Wooden Lounge Bench

Belgium, June 2017. A maximum temperature of 38.8°C was measured. This is exceptional as the average over the years does not exceed 20°C. And when the nice weather arrives people want to go outside. So I came with the idea of building my own wooden lounge set for on our terrace

Step 1: Material and Tools

I had some wood left over from earlier construction works of our house. All I needed further were some tools:

  • saw
  • screws
  • screwdriver
  • sanding machine
  • planing machine (optional)

Step 2: Planning and Sawing

I scribbled down a drawing of how the bench would have to look like. I can't publish it as I threw it out but it was nothing more than an ugly scribble, believe you me.

The measurements of my bench would be 200cm wide, 60cm long and 30cm high with a back support of 70cm high.

I knew then the measurements of my base and began to saw them at length.

  • 6 legs
  • 3 horizontal supports for the legs
  • 2 long legs for the back
  • 1 horizontal support for the back, which became 2 afterwards.

Step 3: Drilling and Screwing the Base

I marked on my pieces of wood were my screws would go and drilled a small pocket hole. You could just screw it in without drilling I guess, but it looks a little better this way.

I put some of the screws on the wrong side first as you can see on the picture. When I'm making something, I always tend to start without over thinking it and then stuff like that happen. No worries, just some extra holes made, the lounge will still sit good.

I put all the pieces of the base together. As mentioned before, I added a second horizontal beam for extra support.

Step 4: Drilling and Screwing the Seat and Back Area

For this part I had 10 planks of 200cm x 10cm. 6 of them would become the seating area, the other 4 would go on the back.

Drilling pocket holes and putting in screws again. Make sure they all lay down cozy and firmly next to each other. Screw everything together.

The lounge bench is completed at this stage. Give a nice sanding and make it as smooth as you like.

Step 5: Lounging

Now, this is my first attempt of building a wooden bench. I'm no woodworker or whatsoever, but after reading this instructable you would have figured that out yourself already. I hope it will last for years but that will have to remain to be seen.

I already had all the wood available but if I had to buy it all it wouldn't have cost me more than €30, for one bench that is. Including the screws you could make this for under €32.

Go and lounge.

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