Wooden Mandalorian Poster With Real Metal




Introduction: Wooden Mandalorian Poster With Real Metal

Awesome Mandalorian poster with easy to melt pewter.


CNC machine or some other way of carving intricate designs. 1/8 inch down cut bit and 60° V bit.

Pewter ( I found mine on Ebay )

Super Glue

Spray Paint - Red and Yellow


Step 1: Watch Video and Continue on Here If You Have Any Questions.

Step 2: Secure Your Work Piece.

I used some blue masking tape and rolled it into tape bubbles to stick my piece to the CNC table. Ensure that you are square.

Step 3: Run Your G-Code or Carve by Hand If You Are Very Very Talented.

I used and 1/8 inch downcut flat end mill for the majority of the cut and 60° v bit for the letters and the fine detail.

Step 4: Fill Your Crucible With Some Pewter

Fill your crucible with pewter and place it in the stove to melt. You can use a steel vegetable can for a crucible if you don't have a cool one like me. Pewter melts around 400° so this can be melted with a propane torch too.

Step 5: Mark Out Your Letters.

Use a piece of scrap large enough to cover your letters and mark out your spacing. Drill holes through the scrap piece and clamp it to the poster.

Step 6: Pour the Pewter

Pour your melted pewter into the holes you drilled in the scrap piece until it just comes out the top. After the pewter cools pull off the scrap piece and cut the letters free on the bandsaw. Pewter is soft enough to cut with regular wood cutting tools.

Step 7: Glue Letters in Place

Use some super glue and glue the letters in place. After the letters are glued in place torch the poster to add some dramatic shading effects and sand any high spots on your letters down.

Step 8: Stain

Stain the raised part of the poster. I used special walnut stain but you can use whatever color you like.

Step 9: Mask and Paint

Let the stain dry and then mask it off. Now it's time to paint. First spray the red on the bottom then spray on the yellow. Let the paint dry and then give the bottom another spray of red to blend it just right.

Step 10: Keyhole and Hang

Using a keyhole bit add a hanger on the back. Now you can hang and enjoy.

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    Kelly Concepts
    Kelly Concepts

    2 years ago

    This is great! Awesome work and the steps are easy to follow


    2 years ago

    So awesome! What a neat way to add metal to a piece :D

    Last Leaf Studio
    Last Leaf Studio

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hey thanks a lot. People usually get caught up on melting Aluminum they forget about pewter which melts at a much lower temp. Feel free to check me out on Instagram if you want to see a daily feed of what i'm up to.