Introduction: Wooden Shop / Theater for Children

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Construction of a children's market stall in MDF (medium), I made it at the request of a friend. She is on wheels (the shop, not the friend eh!) To be easily moved and has:

  • market side with 10 crates of fruits and vegetables and a drawer
  • theater side with curtains and chalkboard to write with chalk



  • MDF 19, 16 and 10 mm
  • 4 wheels
  • Drawer slides
  • White paint
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Vichy fabric
  • Curtain rod


  • circular saw
  • jigsaw
  • Miter saw
  • AdvancedCut 50 saw
  • screwdriver
  • drill press
  • spray gun
  • Hand tools


  • height 151 cms
  • width 100 cms
  • depth: 40 cms

Time spent:

  • about 35H

Plans are available in PDF

Step 1: Cutting Parts

I bought large boards of MDF (244x122 cms) that I cut with a circular saw (economic).

For the rounded down sides, I cut a template cardboard that I drew on computer (see PDF). Then these rounds are cut with a jigsaw.

To draw the top ellipses, I used a technique with a string and a nail.

On the plan, I put the mark from the zero point (in green), I use it to draw all at once.

Step 2: Niches and Shelves

For opening "niche" I used a saw with a chain saw blade. It allows to get rid of a pre-hole. The cut is very clean and the tool does not move at all.

For mini shelves I created a template to round the edges. The router bit follows the template and the flare is perfect. The edges are then rounded by installing the router under the workbench and the shelves are glued and screwed in the niches.

Step 3: Groove to the Router

To dig the grooves at the router, I start by taking the dimensions between the cutter and the edge of the soleplate. I postpone this measurement between the line and the rule (which serves as a guide).

I dig down the 5mm cutter, then 10mm for the second pass.

Still at the router, I rounded all the edges.

Step 4: Assembly

For the assembly I make pre-drilled holes and in addition to the screws I add glue to wood.
The bottom board is embedded in the grooves.

The screws are clogged with wood pulp.

Step 5: Drawer

For the drawer handles, I drilled 2 holes with a 30mm bit and then cut the rest with the jigsaw.

The drawer slides are installed on each side.

Step 6: Painting

The paint is applied to the spray gun. The shop receives 1 layer of wood primer and 2 layers of white paint.

The black paint is applied in two layers by roller.

Step 7: Curtain Rod

I cut 2 pieces in a wooden curtain bar.
I then dig these pieces with a 20mm bit, I control the depth of cut on the drill press and then open the top part.

Step 8: Crates

I picked up a piece of furniture and I cut the many elements with my table saw.

For the corners, I cut "square" strips in 20 mm MDF which I then cut with my circular saw to have 40 "corners".

For assembly I make a template that will simplify the construction of 10 boxes. The elements are glued and nailed.

Step 9: Curtains

Vichy curtains (sewn by a friend) are installed on the bar.

I add a magnet in a fabric drop that will allow the child to easily detach and tie the curtains.

Step 10: Done !

And here is the finished shop ready to be delivered to the delight of children!

Hours of play and creativity in perspective!

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