Introduction: Wooden Spike Buster With Light

About: I'm Karthikeyan an Avionics engineer.Completed B.E Electrical engineering and M.E Avionics engineering. Working as an Aerospace Engineer

I was searching several spike buster in the market to buy but I'm unable to find a better one so I decided to make it as per my requirement also I keep on using soldering iron and some electronics testing so I decided to fix one powerful light for those activities.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Solid wood 3 * 1 inch - 8 ft and 1 * .75 inch - 2 ft

2. 60 CM LED tube light

3. super glue

4. wooden glue

5. Nails and screw

6. Wires

7. Wood polish ,sealer and brush

8. Sand paper

Tools :

Soldering iron, Circular saw, Sander, Drilling machine , Chisels and Screw driver

Step 2: Make It As Per Your Requiremnt

I need to keep it with in 3 ft length so that this model can be fitted in my computer table.

also height of the model is 2 ft so that we can fit up to 25 inch monitors inside it.

Step 3: Wood Cutting

After fixing my model size, I used circular saw to cut the wooden piece also I made a T joint to make it as strong as possible since we don't have any bottom piece to support so It's better to make a T joint.

Step 4: Spike Buster

I fixed spike buster at the bottom so that It'll be more stable as the C.G is near to bottom also I used same solid wood to make a switch box

Step 5: Polish

I applied 5 coats of sealer, 2 coats of clear coat and 2 coats of Polish. Sand it with 320 sand paper after every coats of sealer but If you don't want smooth finish use smaller number

Step 6: Fixing the Lights and Swithes

I used super glue to fix the wire which connects tube and switch and some clips are used to connect the tube light on the wood.I used old Charger's wire as spike buster's cable (1.2 meter)

Step 7: Use Wherever You Need Since It's Portable