Introduction: Wooden Holder/ Stand

I made this 26 years ago. Its a book holder. I found it the other day when I was cleaning my shop up.

Step 1: Wooden Holder/stand

I need a holder to hold up my fish carving as I glue the fins to it, paint it, etc.

But as you see, it's too wide and will get in the way of the fins.

So I need a new, narrow one.

Step 2: Pick the Wood.

I have a piece of 4/4 or 1" thick walnut I've found in the scrap bin.

Step 3: Size and Layout.

I need a narrow holder to stay out of the way of the fins of my fish carving, so I ripped the piece 1"x1" (25mm) x what ever the scrap length was.

I layed out the holder's hinging area. Its about 1" (25mm) long and has ramps that run in opposite directions.

Step 4: Altenate the Ramp Directions.

When I alternated the ramps, I used a 1/4" (6mm) chisel.

Two ramps up and two ramps down. PAY ATTENTION to DIRECTION.

I have messed this up before, and had to start over. Bummer for sure.

Step 5: Clean Up the Shape.

I used the Dremmel tool to do some sculpting for style's sake. You'll enjoy looking at it the next time you pick it up, so give it some love.

Step 6: Make the Legs.

Saw up the length of the legs, being certain to stop at the hinge area.

USE CAUTION your piece will break if you saw into the hinges.

I used my scroll saw and took it easy.

Step 7: Pry the Legs Open.

CAREFULLY pry the two long ends open. Use a utility knife to cut between the ramp sides if its too tough to open.

Go slow, and watch the hinge area. That's where you will see the coolness happen.

If it is done correctly, the two legs will open, and the stand will be usable at this point. Clean up any ragged parts, being as creative as you like, but DONT mess with the hinge area.

Step 8: Relax and Get Ready to Carve Tomorrow.

Then go pour equal amounts in this order:
Amaretto, Kona Coffee Liqueur, and cheap Irish Cream. Let set. Let separate, stir when you take a sip.

Use your paint brush. You should be painting now anyhow.