Introduction: Wooly Willy Costume

This is a full-size (and fully functional!) adult Wooly Willy costume complete with "magic wand," magnetic pieces and different hair combinations.

Items needed:

1. Large piece of foam core or cardboard (24"x30" minimum) plus a little more for other parts

2. red clown nose

3. bag of black ¼" pom poms

4. clear thread (or white/black thread)

5. adesive backed black felt (1-2 sheets)

6. elastic band (3 ft)

7. ¾" wide wooden dowel 10" long

8. x-acto knife/box cutter

9. spray adhesive

10. red paint

11. hot glue

Step 1: Download the PDF Attached

Download the pdf attached and have it printed on a large format printer that can print up to 24" wide. This can be done at a FedEx Office store or similar. If you want to save money you can tile print it off your home printer and put the pieces together. Once printed spray with spray adhesive and mount onto foam core.

Trim the print using the small grey line along the edge of the design. You can also cut out the hanging tab hole and the hole for the head.

Step 2: Make Wand and "magnetic" Pieces and "magnetic Shelf"

cut a 10" long piece of the dowel and paint red. sew 50-100 of the black pom poms on the clear thread and attach the end of the thread to the wand. Give around 6-8" of clean line with no pom poms from the end of wand. You can then hot glue the pom poms together to create clumps.

You can make the wand "mounts" with extra pieces of foam core just wide enough to fit the wang snuggly so it won't fall off when you are standing upright. Make two of them and hot glue them to the board.

Cut two small strips of the foam core around 1" wide each and 12" long. glue the firs piece perpendicular to the board and the second to that first piece to create a small shelf where the pom poms will sit. Line with the black adhesive felt or paint black or use black foam core.

Step 3: Add Elastic Band

Add a loop of elastic to the back of the board that will go around your neck. this will keep the board in place when finished. You can attach this using hot glue. It will take some trial to get the length that is right for you.

Step 4: Make an Assortment of Different Hair Pieces

use the adhesive backed felt to make a variety of different hair pieces. use the wooly willy pictures on the left and right of the board as a guide or create your own. You can change your look throughout the night... or have people put them directly on you.

Step 5: Put It All Together and Have Fun!

Assemble all the pieces and pop on that red clown nose. Oh and be sure to shave clean for maximum effect. Be sure to take off the red wand and magically move the black pom poms around your face for some fun "wow" factor. You really will have a "magnetic personality" for the night!

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