Work Bench Tool Holder

Introduction: Work Bench Tool Holder

I’m new at this, so please bear with me if this doesn’t sound correct.

My (electronics & computers) playroom has limited space because of all the stuff that I have collect over the last 59 years. Have you ever seen the movie Grand Tornio starring Clint Eastwood. The young neighbor kid and Clint are in the garage, the kids inquires - where did you get all this junk? That’s me (Not Clint), with the that stuff.

I needed a tool holder that was easily to reach and organized.

You’ll found out, the older you get the less you remember where you put things.
That’s why Mon & Dad, told us to put things back where you got them. So, they would remember where the items were at. I, always thought they wanted to keep the house looking clean.

Used an old monitor stand that was going to be thrown away.
Clamped onto the edge of the bench (out of the way from the main work area).

Placed a wooded round disk on top of it and secured a 6 in. square Ball bearing swivel (also known as a lazy Susan).

Found an empty wooden spool that was used for cable/wire.

Secured the wooden spool to the swivel. Placed my swivel tool rack on top of the spinning wooden spool.

Bottom and top sections swivel, making it easy getting to your tools/stuff/junk. After building it and spinning the
wooden spool, the stuff would fly off. Had to find a way to keep the stuff from falling off the bottom shelf.

Used iron-on veneer wood strip around the outer edge to keep the stuff contained.

Been using this for the last 20 years.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm. I like this Billy.

    I have a couple of old monitor stands in the 'project-in-waiting' department of my workshop.

    Nice job.