Introduction: Working Power Guitar From Dead Rising 2

In Dead Rising 2, zombie slayer Chuck Greene fights hordes of the undead residents of Las Vegas using a makeshift arsenal including the Power Guitar! A combo weapon that knocks back and explodes zombies with heavy rockin riffs!

Step 1: Supplies Needed

•Spare speakers -ask your local audio repair store if they have old broken ones.
•Mini Guitar Amp
•Misc screws
•Metal brackets
•Short guitar cord

Step 2: Know Your Guitar!

Please! Do Not Use a New, Expensive Guitar! This process is meant for prop making. That means holes will be drilled and electronics have the likelihood of being damaged. 
-that being said, the first step is to know where the electronics and wires in your guitar 
some modded guitars may have a large circuit board.

Step 3: Take Your Mini Amp Apart

This honeytone costed about $15 during a sale at my local guitarcenter. Cheaper ones can be bought used from almost any music store. Make sure not to break the circuit or speaker cone.

If you also choose to use a Honeytone, know that the circuit board sits in some plastic pins. Push the side with the headphone jack inward and then pull up. It should just pop out.

Step 4: Place Speakers and Support

Most speakers have the square metal holding that can be used to support its weight at the beginning. If this is all you wanted then you can stop now, but I knew that I would be swinging the guitar all around so I drilled two holes and screw the metal brackets in place.

Note: personally, I like the look of the electronics on the outside, but if you want, you can cut a small area under the face plate. This will change how the guitar sounds slightly.

Step 5: Decorate!

Cover the metal with scotch tape and place misc wire around. Make sure the wire and tape do not interfere with the strings or pick-ups.