Introduction: Workshop for NJ MakerSpace 2015 - Constructing a Motion Sensor Night Light

March 21, 2015 is NJ's Maker Day.

To celebrate and share knowledge, I am doing a workshop at Piscataway, NJ. Details:

The image attached shows the full product. Next steps will show how to build it.

Step 1: NJMakerSpace2015 NightLight

For constructing the nightlight, you will need the following parts.

  • Adafruit Pro Trinket.
  • Adafruit Perma Proto
  • Two 2X12 Female Headers (we got from -- this is for inserting Trinket
  • One 2X3 Female header - this is for inserting the PIR motion sensor
  • One 2X2 Female header for inserting the LED
  • One 2X2 Female for inserting power connections from the battery.

Step 2: Soldering the Headers

While soldering the headers, you should apply the lead (not actual lead) directly to the hole and heat it with the iron until you see the lead sink in as shown. When you solder all the headers, you should have this general arrangement of the parts.

Step 3: Connecting the Wires

Above is a fritz model of how your circuit will be connected. It is good to have a color code system such as black for ground, red for power and green or yellow for signal wires. Of course, the fritz image may not look exactly as your actual night light, but the connections should remain the same. Another photo is shown how your wires should look after you solder them to the back of the perma proto. It is really important you look where you solder your wires so you don't make false connections.

Step 4: Upload the Code

Once you are done with making the actual device, it is highly suggested, unless you want a useless nightlight, to upload the code of your choice. What is great is that the time length of how long the light stays on is not constant. If you really want, you can make yours blink in cool bizarre patterns. At this point, its all up to you! Good luck and good making!

For the code please see: