Introduction: Wrist Mounted Skewer Launcher

Every body has probably wished some time in their life to shoot darts from your wrist. Well here's my twist, You can make this from simple household materials and shoot. It is powerful enough to shoot into cardboard and is very fun if used responsibly please do not shoot at another being unless projectile has foam in front. Please Note this nay injure if shoot at eyes, for kids please add foam to front of projectile for safety. This can fly over Ft! This can be used for people who are trying to get use of their hands again and just for recreation by using them like darts. I am not responsible for injuries caused by misuse of this. Please be careful and have fun. Remeber that this project is educational and can show everyone the power of rubber bands and how they can be used for energy.


Colored Craft Foam or Paint

Pen Body


Craft Stick

Superglue or Gorilla Glue


Duct Tape or Normal Tape

Hobby Knife or Scissors

Step 1: The Shooting System

The shooting system is very important for this because it is what makes the projectile launch. For this all you need is a pen body, a rubber band, and some king of strong glue like superglue and duct tape or normal tape. To make this cut the pen body so both ends are open to the desired length, then cut one end of a rubberband and glue the two cut ends to the back of the pen body. Let dry and make sure it has a good hold then wrap the duct tape on the part of he rubberband that was glued. just don't pull to hard.until it dries. Then cut the skewer to 21 cm in length.

Step 2: Trigger and Cuff

This is quite simple, take a jumbo popsicle stick and soak in water for 45 minutes atleast. While that is soaking take the toilet paper roll cardboard tube and cut them you will need 1-2 depending on your handsize. Take them and cut them so they can be like cuffs you can wear. So if you dont understand cut so that one side is open. Then glue one end of 1 toilet paper roll to the other end of the other one if you are using 2. Take the cuff you made and paint it to the desired color or leave it for now there is a other way. Take the popsicle out and then on the bottom half of it put the shooting mechanism, which is the bottom of the pen body., do not glue the rubberband to the Popsicle, leave the rubber band hanging out the back. Then glue the trigger and mechanisms we combined to the middle of the cuff in length. Then in front of the pen piece on the popsicle attack a small piece of popsicle upright using superglue, and then wear the cuff and push a skewer inside so that it pushes the rubberband and then lock the bullet using the small popsicle we glued nto the trigger. To shoot push the popsicle stick down like a spiderman webshooter. But if you haven't painted it yet cover it with craft foam, and for safety add a piece of foam at the front which is optional. Adjust the cuff to your hands size and add velcro or magnets to hold it in place or use paperclips. Have Fun!

Step 3: Have Fun

Shoot these at a Styrofoam target and measure the distance and accuracy see if you can make the shooter better, Have Fun and Use safely, here's me using it!

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