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Introduction: X-Flight Studios RCT3 Park

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This park is my very first RCT3 creation. The coasters all are kind of unrealistic and the park itself is messy and unorganized. Of coarse, I didn't have the experience to make a realistic one, and I wasn't really expecting it to be. All it was then was just trying to reach crazy-then-ever expectations. Any ways, this park has a whole lot of coasters, and a bunch of thrill rides. It also has a nice pool complex, which has a HUGE aqua-blaster. In real life, it would probably be a mile long! Crazy, huh?   When you walk in, you confront junior land, which probably has the best coaster in the park. To your West, is coaster land; which branches North to the back of the park (where everyone usually starts to get lost), then loops back around. North of the entrance is the pool, and when you go East you end up in the thrill ride section. When you go as far as that path takes you, you have to go North again and walk on the East-side to the back of the park once again. That's the basic loop. There is also a mini-train going around the whole park. 
If you're a daredevil, take a visit to the scariest and most dangerous,unrealistic wooden coaster in the park- you will definitely see it on your map, because it's about three miles long........


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