Introduction: X-Shaped Phone Dock

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Hello you! This instructable is about how I built a X-Shaped Phone Dock to charge my mobile phone. It's made out of beech wood.

Have fun reading/ watching! Let's go!

Step 1: Prepare & Cut the Wood Strips

I start with two wood strips, the first is a squared one (1,5cm*1,5cm) and the second a rounded one with a diameter of 8mm. First I marked all the measurements that I need for cutting with the saw. It's about 9cm length for the squared one and I need two of them to form a x. I also cut four pieces with ~2,5cm length from the rounded one. These also need to be cut at a 15° angle to have tilted legs. This looks better in my eyes and also has the benefit to make the dock more stable.

Step 2: Removing Material for the Joint

After doing all the cuts I marked a area of 1,5cm length in the middle of both squared pieces and half the height on the sides (like shown in the video). I removed the wood with the saw and a chisel.

Step 3: Glue Up

I use a waterproof wood glue to glue both pieces together. While curing I put pressure on the X with a clamp.

Step 4: The Middle Part

I use my drill to make a hole in the middle of the x. The diameter should be as big as your own charging cable is.

The next step is to build the space for the phone to sit. This has to be a little bigger than the depth of your phone so that it can stand at a light angle when gluing the charging cable in at the end. This is also cut with the saw and then removed with a chisel.

Step 5: The Feet

Next I marked a parallel line 1,5cm away from the edge at the underside of the x and found the center from there to the edge. I used my 8mm drill to drill holes at a 15° angle for the feet. I made this a (very) improvised way, but it worked well for me. Then i glued the legs in place and make sure the dock has a good stand and doesn't wiggle.

Step 6: The Finishing

For the finishing process I first used sandpaper to make the surface smooth and nice. I moved up to 300 grit in steps. After cleaning the dust I oiled the dock using a mineral oil and glued in the charging cable at a light angle. I glued it from the underside while my phone was plugged in to make sure the cable is not glued in too deep.

Step 7: The Final

Now it's all done, but i got a little tipp for you: I built this for my IPhone SE, if you make your own for a phone that's bigger you maybe need to make the X bigger to make sure it doesn't fall over.

Enjoy & have a nice day.

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