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Introduction: Y Stool

Hello, This project I will make a stool from a left over wood slab with a branch for the leg. The material is easy to find, It can be different sizes and color of wood, will make the stool look interesting. The wood stool goes well together with the purple socks. It looks natural, functional, fast and easy to make. Let’s begin.

The dimension: Width 28 X Length 75 X Height 38 centimeters.

Supplies that you need to do the “Y” project

1. Wood Slab (Or other kind of wood), Branch (For the leg).

2. Wood glue.

3. Coconut oil.

4. Small rubber round base for the legs, Socks.

Step 1: Prepare the Slab

First I cut the slab, in order to make it looks evenly for the design (The front and back). This slab thickness is about 3.5 centimeters. Next I sand the slab to make it flat as possible and smooth. After that I measure the seat height on the slab in order to make the cut (Make sure that the base of the leg’s panel of the stool is wide enough, if not the stool will tilt, when you sit). I cut at 45 degree angle to make mitered butt joint between the seat and the leg’s panel, before I cut, I place the slab on top of plywood, make it even and will cut more nicer.

Step 2: Cut the Branch Make Joint

Next I will make the joint for the branch leg (The branch is looks like the letter “Y”). I measure the branch radius (Not the side that have two legs). I draw the square dimension about 2.5 X 2.5 centimeters, before I start cutting the branch and chisel the square on the seat. I use the band saw to cut the branch and trim it off with sander. Now I have the square piece of the leg and make chisel about 2.5 centimeters depth into the seat to make the mortise and tendon joint. It should fit perfect and make sure that the piece will not visible on the seat.

Step 3:

Then for the leg’s panel and the seat. I use the router to make a grove 2.5 centimeters depth on both side at the angle, make sure that do not make grove too close to the edge. Leave the space about 2- 3 centimeters on both sides of both pieces. Then I use the piece of wood to make the joint’s to reinforced for the leg’s panel and the seat. First use the router to cut into the piece to make the “L” shape joint’s 3 centimeters in width. It looks like “L” shape with 90 degree angle. Now I try to fitting all the pieces that I made.

Step 4: Apply Finishing

Next I sand all the pieces, except the “Y” branch to make a smooth as possible and clean off the dust with dry cloth. Then I apply wood glue to all the joints. Now I make sure that everything is tight and straight. Let it dry for a day, after that I apply some coconut oil for finishing, let it dry, and polish with dry cloth to make it look shine.

It’s done, so I put purple socks for the “Y” branch legs. It looks cool.

Special Thanks: Mr. Sakorn

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    5 years ago

    Greet looking bench! The socks are my favorite part


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you


    5 years ago

    With the socks, it has a very whimsical Dr. Seuss look to it. I love it.