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This is my second instructables about making animals from the yarn. For my first instructable, I made yarn dog. Now I made other animal, which is sheep. You can click here to see my instructable about yarn dog. Many thanks to one of the moderator in Instructables "Randofo" with his instructable of Toilet Paper Sheep and my son's favorite animals, challenge me to make another version of sheep made out of yarn. But this time, I used yarn from T-shirt. When I searched in Google, turn out the black sheep that I made is Valais Blacknose.

Click here for more information about Valais Blacknose sheep.

Let's get started.


Original Pringles can (or you can use anything as long as the diameter is about 7.5 cm)

White T-shirt Yarn

White and black socks




Sewing machine (optional, you can sew by hand)



Pin needles

Seam Ripper

UHU Glue or Hot glue

Small Bell Tinkle (optional)


PLA Filament (White)

3D Printer

3D Slicer

Step 1: Prepare the Body Form

For body, cut Pringles can to the length of 9 cm by using a cutter. Grab two white socks. Cover the Pringles can with socks. I did it twice. Do not cut the socks, instead put the end of socks inside the Pringles can. See the pictures.

Step 2: Wool

To make the sheep's wool, cut T-shirt yarn to the length of 45 cm and make about 30 pieces. Group them by 3 to make 1 set of braid, so there are 10 groups in total. Tie the end with knot and begin braiding. To make easier, I use my sewing box to hold the end of the knot. After finish braiding, tie another end with knot. Do this 10 times. Sew them one by one using sewing machine. Pick the zig zag pattern sew on your sewing machine. Of course, you can sew by hand, if you wish. See the pictures.

Step 3: Body

Glue the braided yarn to the body. Let the knot to the bottom of the body.

Let it loose to make space for the legs.

Step 4: Head

To make head, take black sock. Make a pattern of sheep's head. Make it 2 pieces for front and back sides. Sew them together. Just leave a small space to turn it over. After finish sewing, turn it over, so the outside become inside and vice versa. Fill it with scrap socks or yarns . Sew the rest of the head until all surfaces are covered.

Step 5: Legs

To make legs, take black sock. Make rectangle shapes. Make it 4 pieces for 4 legs. Sew one by one. Just leave a small space to turn it over. After finish sewing, turn it over, so the outside become inside and vice versa. Fill it with scrap socks or yarns. Sew the rest of the legs until all surfaces are covered.

Step 6: Assemble-1

Sew the legs to the body one by one.

Step 7: Assemble- 2

Sew the head to the body.

Step 8: Eyes

For eyes, make them in Tinkercad. Drag half sphere to the workplane. Make the size of the eyes with diameter of 10 mm and height of 6 mm. Make two eyes for the sheep. I choose white color for the eyes. Print it. Glue eyes to the head.

Step 9: Finishing

If you are satisfied to make male sheep, it means you are finished. This step is absolutely optional. You can omit this step. But I want to make a female sheep, so I add some accessories to attach to the sheep, like ribbon bow and small bell tinkle.

For making ribbon bow on sheep's head, make a pom pom. Wrap the yarn around your three fingers about 10 rounds. Tie it with other yarn, but do not cut the sides. Glue the bow to sheep's head and give some pin needles. Also, add and glue small bell tinkle to the sheep's neck. Give some pin needles to it.

Step 10: Result

You are finished creating sheep out of T-shirt yarn. Here is the result of Yarn Sheep. I hope you like and share with me if you make it. Is it cute? Welcome to the flock!!! Baaaaaa.....

See you in another flocks!

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