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Introduction: Yoga Girl - Led Lamp

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Hey geeks, today I finished a new quick project ie: Yoga Girl - Led Lamp. And here is the build log...

Step 1: Design & Engraving

I took image 1 and uploaded it to Easel by Inventables and converted it to vector, then generated the GCode file. Using my Home made CNC router I engraved it on 5mm acrylic. The result was pretty cool.

Step 2: Base / Electronics Enclosure

Next I cut some pieces of 8mm MDF to create enclosure. On top I cut a 5mm slot to fit base of acrylic. Then I glued all MDF sections together including acrylic.

Step 3: Electronics

I took piece of LED strip exact same size of the acrylic piece. Added 12v 1Amp transformer for power. Affixed everything underneath the acrylic.

Step 4: Result / Conclusion

Result was pretty cool in dark as well as in day light in room.

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    Wow. This looks really nice. This technique would be a great way to make a night light for my daughter's room. Thanks for sharing.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks, even you can replace the art with different one, suitable for her age and room interior.