Introduction: YouTube Hidden Secrets & Tricks You Need to Try

Best YouTube Hidden Secrets and Tricks You Need To Try. YouTube’s Hidden Secret Easter Eggs. Easter eggs are hidden secret stuffs which are put in software or websites by their developers to provide some fun to the end users. Basically these Easter eggs are hidden in the UI and you need to know the exact steps to reveal them.
We are going to share a few hidden secret Easter eggs present in YouTube website. Almost all of us are aware of the popular video sharing website "YouTube" which is run by Google.

These hidden Easter eggs are present in YouTube video pages as well as search pages. If you want to reveal these Easter eggs, just check out following simple steps: 1- Open YouTube and search for Use the force, Luke in search box. The search results page will show the videos using Star Wars effect. You'll notice a wavy effect on search results page and everything will fly on the screen.

2- Open YouTube and search for Webdriver Torso in search box. The search results page will have red background and will show a blue rectangle around some videos.

3- Open YouTube and search for Doge Meme in search box. The search results page's fonts will be automatically converted to Comic Sans and will show text in various colors.

That's all for now. There were a few more Easter eggs such as / Geek Week, Ponies or Bronies and 1337 (leet) which no longer work.

If you know about any other YouTube Easter egg, feel free to share it with us.

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