Introduction: Your Individual Lampshade

Due to Corona I tried to create a dimming lampshade for my very shiny reading-lamp next to my bed, just with stuff I already had at home.

This lampshade is portable, so you can put in on your lamp at the evening and put it down in the morning. It sets a nice and cosy mood in your bedroom without buying a extra lamp.

Just the working process took me about 1-2 hours.


  • Cardboard, fireproof paper, scissors, a glue, a pen, a lineal, a lamp with a flexible lampshade.

Step 1: Preparing the Summits for the Scaffold

The first step is to scale the diameter of your lamp. -> Picture 1

Afterwards the goal is to create a scaffold that you can put on your lamp.

I used an egg-cardboard for the top of the scaffold -> Picture 2

For the corner pillars I used some other cardboard. -> Picture 3 & 4

Step 2: Building the Scaffold

Now it's time to put the 4 corner pillars into the egg-cardboard.
-> Picture 1

To make it more sustainable I put a secound egg-cardboard into the first one. In between are the Corner pillars.
-> Picture 2

Now the scaffold is almost done.
-> Picture 3

To make it suit better on the lamp, I edged the corner pillars and put some tape around so it fits the diameter exactly.
-> Picture 4

Step 3: Finishing the Lampshade

The only missing step right now is to put some fireproof paper around the scaffold.
-> Picture 1

To reduce the light Shining through without being dimmed I add some extra paper between the corner pillars.
-> Picture 2 & 3

Step 4: Finished Lampshade

To be honest, as I finished the lampshade I was okay but not extremely happy with the lampshade.
-> Picture 1
I almost spent 4 hours from the process of thinking about what I could do, to gathering the supplies, to finishing the lampshade…

However, just by rolling and sticking one sheet of fireproof paper together, the result isn't really worse. I added also a photo of the very easy version of the one-paper-lampshade made in a few secounds.
-> Picture 2

Hope I inspired you to make your own lampshade. Hopefully you are happy with your result :)

Best regards,