Introduction: Your Own Weather Forecast With WIZwiki-W7500

In this Instructable, I will introduce my own weather forecast. Before going out, I wonder is it clean? clouds? what about temperatures? Even we can get weather information in so many ways, In busy, we missed umbrella, sunblock or cap again. For these reasons, I wanna know it more visibly not to miss anymore!

Step 1: What I Used for It?

I use my WIZwiki-W7500 board again. As you know, It is so good to use TCP Client and Server. (if you visit my first Instructable, you will check how I used it as Server.)

And we need some stuffs to display.

1. WIZwiki-W7500 :

2. LAN cable, Use mini cable

3. LED : LED Datasheet

4. Wires and Bread-board for test

5. Cotton and Wire for display

Step 2: Is There Easy Way to Realize It?

Mbed? Have you heard about it?

We know well what Arduino is and open source, open platform. Then I really want to introduce what Mbed is.

Mbed supports almost designed platforms on ARM® Cortex®-M-based MCUs. Inspired by the highly productive programming frameworks and tools of the web, and optimized for energy efficiency, built-in connectivity, security and reusable software components.

Mbed™ Device Server software brings web services to the most demanding enterprise applications in the Internet of Things. It utilizes open source protocols like CoAP/HTTP, MQTT, TLS/TCP, DTLS/UDP and OMALWM2M for data communication and device management.

Mbed supports Web-compiler. It is so impressing because we do not need to set any configuration for compile or download firmware. Every platform in Mbed has CMCIS--DAD to drag and drop firmware into Core chip. Also in web, we can manage the compiler version and projects.

There are uncountable examples and projects developers upload. And we can compile same code in different platform, It looks impossible but Mbed makes it possible. That's way it has so many examples with many components.

It will become the foundation that enables widespread innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

Step 3: Let's Play!

Click WIZwiki-W7500 in Mbed paltform.

And I found some examples already created in sidebar.

I choose TCP Client project and add WIZnetInterface Library and Servo Library.(mbed lib already added.)

Only I coded about weather site and some code handling the information about the weather info.

In the end, I tag my project. please refer it.

Step 4: How Can I Show It?

First, I test it with leds on bread-board and I check it is working well as I expect.

So simple not to draw the board schematic.

I wired 3 GPIO for led and one SCL for servo-motor.

After that, I made Clouds... with wire and cotton and It so cute! haha

Inside, I attached leds soldered on wire.

Step 5: Now, I Have My Own Weather Forecast.

This is my final performance!

There are some conditions of weather.

Clean is a yellow cloud,

Rain is a blue cloud,

Clouds is a white cloud

and Mist is a purple cloud.

Also you can see the current temperatures on the box.

Try it! It is so funny!

Step 6: Please Refer It

Visit my Mbed sharing and import it in your web-compiler.

Project :

Also you can get more projects and some sensors examples :

Feel free to ask anything. Thank you!