Introduction: Papercraft 12 Inch X 12 Inch Solar Cooker Valentine I Love Solar Cooking

Make a Valentines Smores Maker. Solar Cooker

Use 4 squares of 12" × 12" white poster board and 4 squares of 12" × 12" red poster board
Cut red poster board into a large heart keeping point square.
Glue 1 heart on each square
. Tape heart points together.
Make 4 layers of white poster board into 6" squares and 4 layers of red poster board into 6 " squares.
Line points of red 6" squares with lines between 12" squares glue red on red side and white on white side.
Glue foil to white 12" squares.
Fold each large square at small square edge.
Clip sides together to form cooker shape.

Step 1: Cut Hearts and Glue Onto 12" White Squares

Cut 4 red 12" squares into heart shapes leaving 1 corner squared. (Lightly fold red squares diagonally and cut arc for heart shape.) Open hearts and glue onto  white 12" squares.

Step 2: Make the 6" Base Squares.

Make base for solar cooker by cutting an extra red 12" square and white 12" square in half. Fold each into 6" squares. You will have 2 red 6" squares and 2 white 6" squares. Glue both red squares together to make a 4 layer piece and both white squares together to make a different 4 layer piece. Glue foil to 1 side of white 6" square.

Step 3: Lay Out 12" Squares and Glue One 6" Square to Each Side.

Line up heart corners and tape with 2" tape to keep corners together. Put red 6" square in center of heart tips with corners lined up with sides of heart panels. Turn over and glue foiled 6" square the same way on shite side.

Step 4: Glue Foil to White Side of Smores Solar Cooker

Measure foil for panels and cut. Spread glue evenly on white side of panels.

Step 5: Crease and Fold Panels on Base Line. Clip Into Cooker Shape.

Crease and fold each panel at base line. Clip panels together to form the Smores Solar Cooker shape. You are no0w ready to make Smores.

Step 6: Cook Smores With Only Sunshine!

Put a Graham cracker with squished mini marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate pieces on tip in a small pan with a glass bowl inverted over it or on the foil with bowl inverted over it. After a few minutes it will melt. This thermometer reads 300F°, proof you can cook with office supplies.

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