Yummy Curry With Rice

Introduction: Yummy Curry With Rice

This is a really yummy curry you can have with steamed rice for dinner. It tastes awesome and is really easy to make!

Step 1: Adding Stuff to Oil...

Pour out some oil in a pan.

Add in some ghee if easily available as it brings a rather delicious flavour!

Drop some finely chopped garlic, green chillies and ginger when the oil is warm and stir around for some time until the garlic is slightly brown.

Step 2: The Veggies...

here us the step where you add in the veggies of your choice.

I added onions, mushrooms, capsicum and cauliflower.

Tip- put the cauliflower flowerets in boiling water for about a minute, otherwise they might remain slightly uncooked.

You can put in practically anything. Some good things to put in here are:

- tofu or paneer diced


- red and yellow pepper

- zucchini

And any other veggies you like.

Put them in your pan and cook. You may notice laterI changed pans, as I found that my pan was a bit too small for the amount of vegetables I had cut!

Step 3: Making the Gravy

add in a good amount of water in the pan

Add salt, soya sauce and heat.

Add in a cornflour-water mixture and stir. The gravy should start to thicken up and form thick bubbles. Let it boil. Then cover the pan and let it get nice and hot!

Pour in schezwan sauce ( not the sweet one! ) and make it super spicy!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    oh I forgot! Garnish with chopped coriander.