Zapdos Marblehugger Pendant

Introduction: Zapdos Marblehugger Pendant

Heyo! Destiny here. This tutorial is to show you how to make a Zapdos marblehugger pendant. I picked Zapdos because Team Instinct is the best team(though Mystic and Valor people are pretty cool too).

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • Clay in yellow, orange, black, and brown/dark yellow). I use Sculpey oven bake but most all oven bakes should work
  • Charm eyelets (which can be gotten in the jewelry section of your craft store!)
  • One marble of your choosing
  • Toolwise, you will need a clay knife. It can be plastic or a nice professional metal one but you need one none the less

Step 2: Head

Flatten a small ball of clay a little. Then take your plastic knife to indent where the spikes should be. Then take the space between indents and roll it into a point. You can round out the face a little with a little clay, but be sure to blend.

Step 3: Tail

Take a small yellow ball of clay and flatten it ever so slightly (think smushed marshmallow). Use your nail or clay knife and cut 5 small indentations in the clay. Gently roll these into points. Then take a small amount of black and divide it up, making tiny ropes about the width of your pinky nail. Form these in the way shown in the first picture and place it so the points stick out between the yellow tail feathers. Bend it gently into a horseshoe shape. Now set it aside.

Step 4: Wings

Follow the same formula of the tail and head with the wings, however put only four indentations in each. Make three small black ropes for each wing and place them in the way shown above. You need two of course so don't forget to do this step twice!

Step 5: Feet

Take your dark yellow or brown for the legs and separate them into two equal sized balls. Set them aside. Now take a ball of orange clay and divide it into two. Make a shape like shown in picture two. Do this with both pieces of orange. Then take your knife and make almost a peace sign in the bottom bulb of each. Then take the separated pieces and roll each into a cone, thus creating the toes. Then take the dark yellow/brown from before and add it to each of the top of the legs. Set the legs aside

Step 6: Beak

Take a ball of orange clay and make a slightly rounded cone. Then bend the end, but don't make it a corner. The end of the beak should curve.

Step 7: Body

You need to take some yellow and make a potato like shape that will serve as the body

Step 8: Assembly(hold Onto Your Butts)

Now that you have all your pieces made it's time to put them together. First add the tail to the body. Then add the beak to the lower part of the head and add the head to the other end of the body. Add the wings with the black feathers facing forward.

Now you're ready for the marble. Place the marble along the belly and carefully wrap the wings around it and rest the head on the top to where the chin and bottom of the beak at sitting against it. Now take the legs and add them where legs go(I trust you know where that is lol). Set the legs along the bottom to where the feet are sticking out front.


Step 9: Finishing

Now you can add eyes! I personally have a preference for the happy face as shown but you can make the normal eyes. Then you place a charm hook into the back and follow the instructions to bake/soldify your pendant! After baking you can glaze but it's not necessary.

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    5 years ago

    Cool pendant!