Introduction: Zeos' Dredd Light (Sub-$90 1360 Lumen LED Flashlight)... [From the Future]

I couldn't find any flashlight that did everything I wanted AND looked like it was born in a post-apocalyptic world filled with high-tech gadgets designed by rogue mechanical engineers and former playboy bunny assassins... So I made this.. For around $85 you can get all the parts and build this heavy duty LED spot/floodlight for yourself..

Parts used are
LED Light
LiPo Battery
Bracket (100mm X 100mm X 20mm wide)
Ebay Foregrip
3/8" Speaker Gasket

You also need a single 1/2" long Bolt + Nut + Washers (Small Diameter) for the Foregrip version and an additional 1-½" bolt of similar girth for the AK47 handled one.

Optional Stuff--------------------------------------------------
AK Handle
UTG Foregrip
Right Angle Solder On 12V
1/2" Speaker Gasket


Other Notes: This flashlight has a CONSTANT brightness because the light functions at full brightness from an input of 16V to 9V and the battery runs down from 12.6V to 10.8V and then shuts off to prevent damage to the battery or any 12V device. So at some point 2+ hours into use the light will just shut off. A nice little side note is the red battery indicator will continue to function seemingly until the end of time. So if you unplug the main light you can use that in covert small areas.