Introduction: Zhuangzhou Dream Butterflyamphibious Skateboard Modeling

In the past, zhuangzhou dreamed that he had become a butterflyand felt happy and comfortable, not knowing that he was zhuangzhou.Did zhuang zhou turn into a butterfly in his dream? Or zhuangzhou in the butterfly's dream? This is the union and change of things and me.In meditation on metaphysics, the famous western philosopher Descartes also expounded a similar point of view. He believed thatpeople perceive the world through consciousness, and everything inthe world is indirectly perceived, so the external world may be trueor false. Under the enlightenment of this idea, I thought and designedmy project.The skateboard design of this project combines the elements of Chinese and western culture, and has powerful functions. It can adaptto amphibious terrain, install a hidden positioning system, andcarryout the main design of bionic fish fluid skateboard.

Step 1: Step 1: Make the Base Plate .

In order to ensure the skateboard to work on different terrain, I needto establish a well-sealed bottom plate to ensure the realization 0amphibious function. So I built the hull, rectangular and cylinder forstaggered use, combined to form the skateboard plate .

Step 2: Step 2: Make Wheels.

Due to the mobility requirements of the skateboard, I used wheelswith high material strength.. To reflect the cultural elements, I addedstar shape to the wheel hub and then copied it into four wheels.

Step 3: Step 3: Select the End of the Bridge and Set Up the Supporting Pad.

In order to increase the mobility of the skateboard to reflect the impact of the "whale", I used the sublight technology axis. The slidingplate bridge is constructed by drawing the flattened cylinder andassembling the suboptical technology shaft and connecting thewheels.

Step 4: Step 4: Add Bridge Pad and Auxiliary Bridge Support Pad.

In order to adapt to the complex terrain and increase the passabilityand comfort of the skateboard, I constructed a bridge pad withstrong materials and connected it to the main body of the skateboard to ensure a good waterproof performance. Moreover, I used rubber sub-bridge support pad to make the skateboard smoothly pass through the bumpy terrain andreduce the weight ofthe skateboard itself.

Step 5: Step 5: Add "zhuangzhou Dream Butterfly" Cultural Elements Andfashionable Letter Elements,shape the Main Body of Whale, Adddream Butterfly Branch and Modify It With English Letters. Build a Whale Tail and Install a Positioning Chip in the Tail.

The hollow sphere is taken to cut and combine to make the white spot of thefish body. The hood is taken as the "horn" to form the narwhal bodyand improve the bionic similarity of the fish body.The themeof "butterfly wings" and "skateboard" is pieced together and reproduced with equal distance upward, and the colors of each layerare adjusted to reflect the sense of hierarchy of butterflies and the "butterfly" element. Finally, English letters are added to combinethe fashionable charm of western culture.

Step 6: Step 6: Connect the Parts and Complete the Skateboard Modeling