Introduction: Zip Tie Bracelet

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This is a cool easy project to make that requires few tools and supplies to make. Pretty much all you need is a scissors and some zip ties. You will need at least one long zip tie about 11 inches long. It just need to be long enough to be able to wrap around wrist and connect to itself leaving some space for the zip ties that will be added. This is a light weight bracket with a different style. People aren't sure what it's made of when they see it. This is a slip on wrist band so want to make sure you don't make it to tight or to loose. The wristband is made up of other zip ties wrapped around the base zip, zipped tight and then cut off the extra plastic. Make sure to trim the zip ties so that they don't get caught on anything.

get them in any color

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

11 inch zip tie

lot of shorter zip ties


tape measure

wire snips to trim zip ties

Step 2: Attach Zip Ties

start by taking your long zip tie at least a 11 inches long or whatever is long enough to go around your wrist with at least a little slack for getting on and off the wrist. And adding the other zip ties takes up some space. You can always make is smaller later. Once you have your base zip tie set where you want do adjust it anymore.

Now take your other zip ties and put them around the base zip tie one at a time. Don't over think this just make sure there all going the same way. Also you want the zip connector part to be facing outward. Not sure how many it takes to complete depends on size of the wrist. You could use other color zip ties in between the black zip ties.

Step 3: Cut Ends of Zip Ties

Once you have all your zip ties tight against the base zip tie it should look something like the pictures with the ends sticking out. You could trim as you go if you wish I just waited till I was done putting them on. I used a wire cutters instead of a scissors because it gets a closer cut and makes it flush. Cut one at a time making sure the zip ties are tight against the base zip tie. Make sure you tighten the zip ties all the way. Another option is to file down the edges of the zip ties if you don't cut them right they can leave an edge that get caught on stuff. This sides right on and off kinda cool good conversation starter.