Introduction: Zip Tie Sunglasses

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Make your own sunglasses using zip ties.....and a plastic bottle.

There are so many different uses für zip ties. But did you know how to make sunglasses with it ???

In this Video Zip Tie Sunglasses on YouTube I show you a pretty simple way to make your own sunglasses using zip ties and a plastic bottle.

If you use a blue and a red plastic bottle, you can make also your own 3D glasses for your next movie or something....

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Step 1: You Need

- 5 Zip Ties

- a plastic bottle(s)

- scissors

- hot glue

Step 2: Start

Start with the mounts for the lenses. Simply make two loops as seen on photo....

Step 3: Cut Off

When you're ready with the mounts for the lenses, cut off the Ends....

Step 4: Lenses

Take a empty plastic bottle and cut off the lenses ( 2 :-D )

As a template, take the mounts....

Step 5: Connect the Mounts

To connect the Mounts of the lenses, take another zip tie.....make a loop...put the ends through it and pull shut....

Step 6: Spectacle Arms

To make the spectacle arms take two zip ties, put one (each side) through the Mounts of the lenses and pull shut....

Step 7: Hot Glue

Now, you need hot glue !!!

Step 8: Fix the Lenses

Take hot glue....and fix the you can see at the pics...

Step 9: Ready

Now, your sunglasses are READY for use !!

If you take a blue and a red lense, you can also make your own 3D - glasses :-D

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